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5 Core Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Diesel-Powered Car

September 14th, 2015 in category Diesel Center Blog

Toyota Hulix Diesel-Powered 4x4

Many people often associate the term "diesel cars" with a small SUV, ute or commercial work van. The reality is that diesel passenger cars are slowly becoming the preferred choice for many residential families due to the huge range of diesel benefits. The switch from running fuel to diesel has been happening for the past decade and with evolution of new diesel technology, it's becoming more apparent why more Australian families are choosing diesel.

In this post, we'll highlight 5 of the key reasons why diesel cars are slowly becoming the prime choice for local Aussie families.

1. Improved fuel economy

Depending on the size and make of the engine, diesel cars are known to provide up to 25-30% better fuel economy compared to fuel-based engines. With diesel technology becoming more and more advanced, diesel fuel ecomony can even out-perform certain electric hybrid applications.

If you consider fuel economy to be a high priority when purchasing any new vehicle, always run a fuel comparison test to understand the exact numbers for yourself before going out and purchasing that new car. You can use a fuel calculator to compare the level of fuel consumption rates between vehicles. Not only will this allow you to make the best informed decision but it could utlimately save you hundreds of dollars per year on fuel/diesel costs.

2. Used in competitive motorsport racing

Audi R10 TDI

No longer is diesel considered dirty, loud and smelly truck fuel. Many large automotive manufacturers such as Audi, Peugeot and Volkswagan are actively harnessing the power of diesel and quickly seeing results to back up their efforts. The Audi R10 is one fine example of this. Having won one of the oldest and most competitive events in motor racing history (Le Mans 24 Hour), the R10 TDI is powered by a powerful V12 diesel engine, perfectly able to showcase the ability of diesel-based engines in competitive motorsport racing.

3. Increase in German diesel production

If industry-leading German manufacturers are pushing for increased diesel production, it must mean something right? In 2011, diesel-based cars made up for 51.8% of the European market. This is a staggering amount with sales expected to increase further as diesel is further pushed into U.S and Australian markets.

4. Less depreciation and hold value

According to research by ALG, diesel passenger vehicles retain better value after 3 years compared to fuel-based vehicles. The results came in at a retention value rate of 65% for diesel-powered vehicles compared to a slightly lower 53% for fuel-based cars. With new, ground-breaking and innovative diesel technology constantly been released, it's hard to argue that many manufacturers are devoting more time and effort into pushing the sales of emerging diesel models.

Strong resale values of diesel cars may also be directly linked to the case that diesel engines not only deliver just as much power and torque compared to fuel-based engines, but that consumers are slowly starting to understand the many benefits and impacts of running diesel in a non-commercial environment.

5. Improved Towing Ability & Low-End Power

If you love getting out on long weekend trips, there's simply no better reason to choose a diesel-powered vehicle. With greater torque capabilities, diesel cars are able to haul heavier loads. This is ideal for towing a boat, a trailer or even a caravan.

In addition to improved towing potential, diesel cars are also known for their excellent low-end power. Built to sustain heavy loads and still be able to punch out decen power, a diesel car will ensure you'll be the first to take-off from a traffic light with quite minimal effort.

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