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How do Steinbauer Chips Actually Work? The Secrets of its Power

July 8th, 2014 in category Diesel Center Blog
by Diesel Center

What is it about Steinbauer power modules that make them so different to traditional diesel fuel chips, yet so effective?

Other performance chips work by simply dumping more fuel into the engine.
Steinbauers ends up improving fuel efficiency.

Other chips increase rail pressure which can damage and shorten the life of internal components.
Steinbauer on the other hand, stabilises rail pressure.

Steinbauer’s Power Module seems to do it all - without compromising any in-built safety features. So what does it actually do behind the scenes to achieve this too-good-to-true performance boost?

The Secrets of Steinbauer

• The Performance Comes from Increasing the Fuel Injection Cycle

Each module is specifically programmed and mapped to accommodate each available make and model. The actual performance comes from module intercepting electronic signals from the stock ECU and programming it to extend it’s fuel injection cycle. For example, for one model it may boost the cycle from 200ms to 220ms at max throttle. This varies for each make and model.

• You Can Further Increase or Decrease the Chip’s Output

Not satisfied with the default fuel injection cycle length that Steinbauer offers for your model? Depending on your exhaust capability and whether you need additional output for towing, the potentiometer on the back of the module allows you manually adjust the cycle length from 70%-130% of the standard output.

• The Chip Activates at ~33% Throttle Position

The chip is activated at 25-40% throttle position and generally maxes out chip output at 80%.

• Because of this, it Doesn’t Work for Cruise Control

Because the chip is activated through the throttle position sensor, it does not activate for stock cruise control. However, upon request before ordering, Steinbauer can re-program their modules to use an alternate trigger if this is of concern to you.

• It Doesn’t Override Stock Safety – It Has Its Own Safety Features

For instance, for most models, maximum power output only lasts for half a minute before progressively dropping by 1% to ensure exhaust gas temperature stays within a safe range.

Typical Rail Pressure Units vs Steinbauer Modules

A traditional high pressure rail pressure unit.

Rail Pressure Unit

  • High increase in rail pressure
  • Increased load on injectors
  • Increased load on pistons
  • Increased load on entire fuel system
A modern Steinbauer power module that does not increase rail pressure while increasing torque and performance.

Steinbauer Module

  • Up to 25% increase in power and torque*
  • Up to 10% reduction in diesel consumption*
  • Simple installation with original Plug connection
  • Does not leave footprints or re-flash engine ECM

Do you want more power without sacrificing fuel efficiency or rail pressure? See our range of Steinbauer performance chips  available for your model.