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Is Lexus Reconsidering Diesel to Drive up Sales?

July 10th, 2014 in category Diesel Center Blog
by Diesel Center

Lexus considering a diesel engine model into the Australian market.

Lexus is considering adding a diesel model to its LX 4WD series for the Australian market in order to stir up interest and drive up lacking sales.

The lack of diesel engines from Lexus in no doubt a key factor in Lexus seemingly losing battle against predominantly diesel-fueled European competitors, with diesel consistently on the rise in Australia as an alternative fuel to petrol.

Lexus' luxury 4WD, the LX570 is slumping with only 153 of the model being solid in 2013 - In stark comparison to Mercedes-Benz' GL and Range Rover who sold 561 and 269 models each, which predominantly comes in diesel.

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley states that he's 'pretty confident' that the flagship LX could have a diesel model introduced as an alternative to the current thirsty 5.7l V8 petrol LX series.

“We’re certainly trying hard to bring that to our market,” said Hanley. “In that large SUV there’s a certain market demand for an LX diesel and, whilst we haven’t confirmed it, we are certainly in deep discussions trying to source it.

The statement can be considered strange, particularly after Lexus stated in March earlier this year that they believe there is no future in diesel-powered luxury models. In the past, Lexus has always marketed the fuel-saving, environmentally friendly benefits of its petrol-electronic hybrid LX while criticising diesels for being outdated and 'dirty' technology. Hanley insists however that the new diesel model would not harm any environmentally credentials of the existing LX.

It's no secret that increased torque of diesel 4WDs is a key benefit for anyone who regularly tows. We look forward to adding Lexus to the Diesel Center range should Lexus Australia see the light and pull through with their new diesel LX.

Source: Drive 'Lexus could turn to diesel for luxury 4WD'