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What is ‘Core Exchange’ and How Does it Work?

May 20th, 2014 in category Diesel Center Blog
by Diesel Center

All Diesel Center reconditioned parts come with a Core Exchange - The Core Exchange (also phrased as a Core Charge, Service Exchange or anything similar) is essentially an exchange of your old part for a reconditioned part. 

If you decide to send us your old diesel fuel part to us when buying a reconditioned part, we will refund the ‘Core Exchange’ charge back to you once we've received your old part. Your unit must be returned to DCA within 10 business days unless written consent has been given.


Why do we offer Exchange Core Charge on Reconditioned Injectors & Pumps?

By having customers send in their old parts, we can essentially continue the remanufacturing cycle. All Diesel Center's reconditioned fuel parts are restored to factory standard specifications and pass strict Bosch quality guidelines. 

Offering an Core Exchange offers the following benefits:

  • A Cash Back Refund Incentive for the Customer: When you send your old part through, we refund $500 off the purchase price for pumps, and $40 for injectors. For example, if your $1,200 pump came with a $500 service exchange, we will refund $500 off the purchase price, cutting the price down to $700. In most scenarios, since the customer is replacing their own faulty injector or pump, they will have a part ready to send in for service exchange.
  • Better for the Environment: Instead of your injector ending up in a rubbish heap, our remanufacturing technicians reassemble and replace worn parts of your injector, restoring it to manufacturer standards.
  • It Keeps the Cycle Going: Diesel part remanufacturers source their old parts from customers faulty vehicles and applications. It’s not only mutual beneficial - We rely on customers sending in their parts so we can continue remanufacturing and selling.


Sending through your old injector and receiving your refund is simple. Our staff can guide you step by step through the process. Contact us today to find out more about our reconditioned goods and refunds available on pumps & injectors.