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Diesel Center can recondition YOUR pumps!

October 30th, 2014 in category Diesel Center Blog
by DCA Team

Have you ever considered getting your current pump reconditioned in your vehicle? 

The good thing about reconditioned pumps is there basically brand new at a fraction of the price you would pay for a completely new one, why pay top dollar for a brand new pump when a reconditioned one is just as good? The good thing is when a pump gets reconditioned it gets stipped down to it bare shell, cleaned out both internally and externally and then the required parts are replaced. 

Once the pump is all cleaned up and all the parts are ordered it then gets re-assembled back to its original state, but once it's assembled it isn't quite finished just as yet it then goes through the testing stage where it gets put through numerous tests that it needs to pass before we even give the pump back, these tests are all followed as per Bosch standard and need to be 100% passed.

After all of that its packaged up and ready to give back / sell. 

So what is the best thing about pumps that get reconditioned at DCA? Well of course its the warranty we give you for that extra piece of mind. DCA offers 1 Year, Unlimited Km warranty on all reconditioned pumps that we do.

If you have any questions that you would like answered don't be afraid to call the team at DCA on 1300 322 669 or email us at

You can find all our DCA reconditioned pumps right here.