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New Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

Diesel Center have a long and proud history of supplying new diesel fuel injection pumps. We work directly with leading diesel manufacturers to bring our customers quality diesel pumps at the most competitive prices.

We stock a range of new diesel fuel pumps to suit all makes and models. Browse through our selection of diesel injection pumps below.

Have a question/enquiry? Is your product not listed? Please contact us, use our live chat or call (+61) 134 322  to speak to one of our diesel specialists.

Save 16%
[New] Hyundai Terracan Common Rail Pump 33100-4X700
$1,705.00 $1,430.00 (Including GST)
Save 1%
[New] Bosch Hyundai & Kia Fuel Pump 0445010333
$1,210.00 $1,200.00 (Including GST)
Save 9%
[New] Bosch Common Rail Injection Pump 0445010565
$1,760.00 $1,595.00 (Including GST)
Save 13%
[New] Yanmar Fuel Injection Pump 729906-51332
$3,542.00 $3,080.00 (Including GST)
Save 22%
[New] Ford Transit Delphi Common Rail Pump 9044A090A
$1,815.00 $1,424.50 (Including GST)
Save 2%
[New] Delphi Ssangyong Common Rail Pump A6650700401
$2,018.50 $1,974.50 (Including GST)
Save 36%
[New] Bosch Common Rail BMW Fuel pump 0445010126
$2,310.00 $1,485.00 (Including GST)
Save 37%
[New] Bosch Common Rail Kia/Hyundai Fuel pump 0445010124
$1,750.50 $1,100.00 (Including GST)
Save 12%
[New] Bosch Fuel Pump to Suit Audi 0445010676
$2,310.00 $2,035.00 (Including GST)