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Reconditioned Diesel Fuel Pumps

Reconditioned (or 'Remanufactured') are used fuel pumps that have been completely reconstructed by our diesel technicians. We restore all parts to factory specifications using only genuine parts when cleaning, rebuilding and recalibrating existing diesel pumps. We pride ourselves on the quality of our reconditioned diesel parts and offer warranty on all work. New pumps are brand new fuel pumps released directly from the manufacturer.

Exchange Core Charge

The Exchange Core Charge is essentially more of a refund. If you decide to send us your old diesel fuel pump when buying a remanufactured pump, we will refund a $500 Exchange Core Charge back to you. Your exchange unit must be returned to Diesel Center within 7 days unless written consent has been given. Once we receive your returned unit, a total amount of $500 will be refunded to you in full.

All Diesel Center reconditioned fuel pumps have passed strict Bosch quality control and testing.​ See our complete range of reconditioned diesel fuel pumps below. 

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Save 11%
[Reconditioned] Toyota Hilux 3L 2.8L Fuel Pump 096000-4940
$1,925.00 $1,705.00 (Including GST)
Save 9%
[Reconditioned] Toyota Hilux 3L 2.8L Fuel Pump 096000-4960
$1,870.00 $1,705.00 (Including GST)
Save 10%
[Reconditioned] Siemens Ford Diesel Fuel Pump 5WS40019ZR
$1,672.00 $1,512.50 (Including GST)