About Us

Diesel Center Australia is one of the leading online suppliers of quality diesel automotive parts. Started in 2004, we've sourced, supplied and shipped hundreds, if not thousands of diesel parts across Australia, New Zealand, and all around the world.

Our Story

Working within the diesel engine service industry, we witnessed on a day-to-day basis that customers were paying outrageous amounts of money on diesel replacement parts. 90% of the time, we found that diesel vehicle owners were shocked because they never expected parts to be so expensive and difficult to source.

This was how Diesel Center Australia was born.

We can confidently say that all our staff have been through the same hardships. Whether it be unable to find parts at affordable prices, require urgent same-day shipments or organising complete wholesale orders - Diesel Center Australia are here to make it happen.

Our Mission

With over 75 years of combined experience within the diesel automotive parts industry, our staff are able to provide you with the technical knowledge and professional customer support you deserve.

We combine industry knowledge and old-fashion support to give you a piece of mind each and every time you order from us. We offer an exceptional range of diesel components at the best prices, readily delivered to your door - anywhere in the world.