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Toyota Diesel & Truck Parts

Toyota HiluxDiesel Center Australia is a leading supplier of Toyota diesel automotive and truck parts in Australia. We specialise in sourcing and supplying only the best quality Toyota diesel parts. Parts we supply include new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors, diesel fuel pumps, performance chips, turbochargers and more.

Browse our range of Toyota diesel vehicle and truck parts below.

Toyota Common Rail Injector 1KDFTV 295050-0460 Save 28%
[New] Toyota 1KD-FTV Common Rail Injector 295050-0460
$569.25 $412.50 (Including GST)
Save 10%
[Reconditioned] Toyota Hilux 3L 2.8L Fuel Pump 096000-4940
$1,155.00 $1,045.00 (Including GST)
Save 20%
Toyota Hilux 3L Turbo System 2.8 LT
$3,245.00 $2,599.30 (Including GST)
Save 12%
Toyota Hilux 1KD-FTV Turbocharger (KUN26) 17201-30110
$2,970.00 $2,601.50 (Including GST)