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Stay connected and powered up wherever you go with our compact and versatile portable power devices. Enjoy convenience, reliability, and peace of mind knowing you have a reliable power source on the go.

On an outdoor adventure, your electronic devices often run out of battery quickly. This can lead to being stranded without communication GPS, vulnerable to accidents or other dangers. This can be a considerable problem when camping or hiking remotely. Our range of portable battery solutions can charge all devices on the go. So, you no longer have to worry about your phone or GPS running out of battery, and you can have peace of mind while enjoying the great outdoors.

In today's world, we rely heavily on portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable fridges, you name it. However, the biggest problem with these devices is their battery life. When we are on the go, we often find ourselves struggling to find a power outlet to charge our gadgets, this is where a portable power station comes into its own.

Lithium-ion battery powered portable power stations are an essential innovation that can ensure you never run out of power while camping or taking long road trips. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about portable power stations, as well as provide you with some tips on how to choose the right one for your specific needs. So, whether you are a frequent traveler, outdoor enthusiast, or just stay connected while on the go, read on to learn how these portable units can help you stay powered up.

Several lithium-ion-battery powered portable units are available today; each is designed to meet different needs and preferences. For instance, the PowerBox 100ah has been created as a comprehensive 12v dual battery solution. It is powered by a Powertech 100ah lithium battery that offers over 1500 battery cycles and up to 50amps of continuous current flow. In addition, the PB-100 is charged with a Redarc 1225 BCDC charger, kitted with Narva internal components and is lightweight, weighing only 17kg. A must-have for any 4wd or camping enthusiast.

The PB-150 is made for customers who want just a bit more, and now with the new inverter option available for the PB-150 line, users can power up a 1000w inverter directly from the Power Box. There are endless uses for the PB-150, from powering up big refrigerators, running your coffee machine in the middle of nowhere or even a cryovac on your boat. All of that with within a total weight of 24kg.

Alternatively, The PB-200 is the pinnacle of 12-volt portable systems specially made to power your touring canopy. The PB-200 surely checks all the boxes for your desired 12v needs for days! Due to its design, the PB-200 comes with 4x 50amp rear-mounted Anderson plugs providing 30 amps constant supply to each outlet along with vehicle and solar inputs. Perfect for setting & forgetting in your setup, weighing only 32kg.

All Powerbox’s can also be selected in 6 different colors, or if you want to be truly individual, you can have any custom color made to suit you!

With all these options, you can take advantage of electricity and day to day luxuries while escaping the everyday hustle on a camping trip or on the go1


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